Shopping bulbs by glass

The type of glass on your LED light bulb can make a big difference, not only to the look and feel of the bulb but to the whole room. Certain types of glass will add to a specific theme, incorporate new styles and light up the room differently. Here is our guide to shopping LED bulbs with the type of glass.

Clear Glass

Clear glass LED bulbs look the same as classic incandescent bulbs, they also show the exposed filament in the centre of the bulb which is a highly desirable trait. 
These types of LED bulbs allow you to keep the look that you've fallen in love with over the years, with the performance benefits of an LED bulb. 

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Shopping Bulbs By Glass


Shopping Bulbs By Glass


Amber glass will create an authentic vintage look, carefully created to mimic an antique, weathered type of glass. 
This is one an incredible addition to the LED collection, it gives an archaic effect to the room, without any kind of archaic technology being used. 

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Shopping Bulbs By Glass


Frosted bulbs are known for their ability to be much easier on the eye. This makes them perfect for rooms that don't need really harsh lighting (think, bathrooms) but still might want white, bright lighting. 
Frosted glass is also perfect for lights with decorative shades, especially those made from fabric. 

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Shopping Bulbs By Glass


Opal bulbs are characterised by their milky white type of tiny to the glass. Again, helps to make the light a little less harsh on the eyes. This has the ability to stop glare and appear softer. 
Opal bulbs are perfect for statement lights, that don't have shades covering them. It makes the light appear softer whilst still effectively illuminating the room. 

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The type of glass on your LED bulb is an important choice to make. It can really impact the room; including the aesthetics and brightness of the room. We hope the guide has provided you with all the information you need on bulb glass. 


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