12-24 Volt LED Light Bulbs

We often seem to forget that different bulbs are needed for every single setting and function. For instance, when we go travelling or camping, we can’t use the same type of 12-24 volt bulbs as what we would want in a chandelier. For this reason, we don’t believe that style and quality should be eliminated - even in the most niche of circumstances.

12-24 volt LED light bulbs are increasingly being used in many different settings, especially in caravans, bathrooms, patios, garden fences and pools. Above, you’ll find an array of different style of 12 or 24 volt LED light bulbs - there’s no reason why you should compromise on the design just because it is low voltage.

LED bulbs should always be your go-to choice for camping and vehicles as they don’t have the filament in the centre. This means that they can withstand a lot more vibration and knocks.