E27 Edison Screw Bulbs

Shopping your LED light bulbs by the base is a really smart idea. This way, you can be super sure of buying a bulb that is completely right for you and fits in your existing fixtures.

Our Edison screw collection is usually E27 or E14 - two of the most popular screws in a home, helping you to effortlessly find a bulb that will work in existing fixtures.

E27 is, without doubt, the most popular bulb base. You’ll recognise them from their screw style, and classic “bulb” look. They will work in the majority of lamps, and fixtures, making them convenient. Our collection of E27 bulbs range from classic, all the way to globe styles. Meaning, you never have to compromise on style over convenience. Most people choose to shop E27 bulbs, purely because of their existing fixtures. We understand this, knowing that enjoying the benefits of LED shouldn’t come at a price.