Coloured LED Light Bulbs

You don’t have to settle for just white or warm lights, LED lighting comes in a selection of different colours, making them perfect for absolutely any occasion. Coloured lighting is predominately used for ambient and decorative lighting, whether it’s for a party, even, your back garden or a very specific interior look, they add a little something different to your room. It the standard won’t work, try something a little unique.

We offer a range of different bulb colours and bases to fit your needs. From yellow, blue, green and red, the primary colours are all covered. This kind of bulbs look great just about anywhere, especially for when you’re trying to make an impact. The bases available are E27 and B22, the most common bases, and the easiest ones to fit into existing fixtures.  

Different colours can be used for different things. Green is perfect for Halloween events and, of course, St Patrick’s Day. Blue is work amazing for water features. Red LED bulbs can be used for Christmas and Valentine’s day. Yellow works beautifully for parties, as it’s the first colour that your eye is drawn to. The possibilities really are endless. We have a really quick guide on shopping LED lighting by the colour, which may direct you in the right way.